Indeed CM 6.6: Simplify PKI Management with Upgraded Functionality
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 28 February 2023 05:09 PM

Indeed Identity presents a new version of Indeed Certificate Manager that offers enhanced functionality and extended capabilities for public key infrastructure management. 

Here is an overview of the new additions in Indeed CM.

New supported DBMS – PostgreSQL

Starting with version 6.6, PostgreSQL can be used as a data repository for the Indeed CM software suite. A system data migration utility has been developed to enable secure migration from Microsoft SQL to PostgreSQL. This feature ensures that all your data, regardless of its volume, will be safe during the transfer.

Disabling security questions

In Indeed CM, security questions can be used for additional user authentication. Users are usually prompted to answer these questions when they want to unlock their device, remotely log in to their User Console or reset their PIN on the agent. The User Console will show notifications asking you to add answers to security questions. In version 6.6, you have the option to disable security questions and related notifications in your User Console if your company does not plan to use any system functions that require answers to these questions.

Service certificate details

Indeed CM administrators require service certificates to set up integration with certificate authorities (Enrollment Agent Certificate). Relevant certificate details can be found in a specialized section of the Indeed CM Dashboard. 

This tab now includes additional information about the issuing certificate authority and the validity period for all service certificates shown at the step of integration setup. This information will assist you in locating the appropriate certificate (for example, if you want to update it).

Previous version:New version:

Printing certificate revocation form

You can now print a certificate revocation form in the User Console in the same way you can print certificates and certificate requests. The standard print template has been uploaded, and if required, it can be customized for each certificate template added to the policy.

Restoring Microsoft CA certificate on new devices

You can now save a backup copy of the key to restore the same Microsoft CA certificate on a new temporary or permanent device. In order to do that, select Create a backup copy of the key (and Write a key copy to new temporary devices) in the certificate template, and a copy of the key pair will be transferred to the Indeed CM system repository. In case if you need to replace a device, your MSCA certificate will be restored with the same keys on the new device. If this option is disabled, a pre-installed template will be used to create a new certificate on the device. 

Automated system actions for remote users

New features have been added to Card Monitor, the service that manages automated operations with devices. Now you can automatically revoke smart cards and tokens for users with the User deleted status. This will help you properly manage the accounts of employees who left the company. As a result, system administrators no longer need to manually remove device assignments for dismissed employees to free up licenses. 

Other updates

  • You can now simultaneously enable two options: Generate random PIN and Request PIN change at first login
  • We have addressed the security concerns in the self-service tool: you can now insert HTML/JavaScript code in the Answer field when adding answers to security questions
  • Alerts for the following events now include the serial number of the certificate: The device content is about to expire, Tracked certificates are about to expire, and Shared certificates are about to expire

With enhanced features and increased efficiency, we know this update will make a positive impact on your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Don’t just take our word for it – see the benefits for yourself. Request a demo of Indeed CM 6.6 today and take the first step towards streamlined and secure certificate management.

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