The webinar “Keep Privileged Access on the Radar: Speed Up ROI and Improve Security” was hosted on 13th of April in Turkish language drawing attendees from various industries and positions within organizations in the region. Organized by Axidian and vMind in Turkish language, we aimed to provide practical tips and strategies for implementing a successful privileged access management program to improve an organization’s security posture and speed up its return on investment.


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The growing importance of implementing privileged access management at the corporate level is noted by leading cybersecurity analytics. They mention that “by 2024, organizations that use privileged task automation features will experience 70% fewer breaches than those that don’t.”

The question of whether to have PAM in place is solved. If you want to have a stable business future, PAM is required. However, the selection of PAM is a complex process that can be confusing if you do not

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Webinar: 5 coolest features every access management software should have
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 05 October 2020 10:03 AM

What if you’ve had one tool for managing access of employees and customers? Or a tool providing strong and multi-factor authentication with additional functionality at hand? Indeed Access Manager can do both. 

The latest release has greatly expanded the product capabilities and upgraded it from multi-factor authentication solution to full-scale access management software suite. We are glad to present the newest Indeed Access Manager 8.0 to you.

What you’ll see in the

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Webinar: Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 10 June 2020 04:09 PM

We are pleased to invite you to the online webinar “Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times.” prepared by RnTrust and Indeed Identity, the leading cybersecurity companies with wide expertise in the field of PKI and smart cards management.

The slow speed of PKI evolution and the ever-increasing number of needs and requirements of companies and enterprises leads to the growing gap. As outdated technology cannot keep up with modern times many tasks connected to

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Webinar: Conquering Cyber Threats in the New Normal
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 21 May 2020 11:30 AM

Welcome to the free online webinar Conquering cyber threats in the new normal” prepared by Pointwest and Indeed Identity, leading companies with expertise in cybersecurity.

In regard to the present-day events, the Philippines officials tighten massive lockdown. The number of remote working employees has significantly increased during the last months along with the number of fishing attacks and data breaches. This situation definitely influences the business flow of companies and

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Privileged users whether they are business users, system administrators or contractors undoubtedly have the ability to make sweeping and fundamental changes to IT systems on which the business may depend. Ask any IT manager and he/she will agree with it. So how come that privilege misuse is still one of the 3 top-patterns most often associated with breaches?

If you also understand the big risks of unregulated privileged accounts and if you want to be 100% aware of all their

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Real Security, one of the largest value-added distributors of IT security in the Adriatic region, and Indeed Identity have signed an official partnership agreement. From this point on, all Real Security’s customers and partners can receive full information about our products and purchase the software for multi-factor authentication, PKI management and privileged access management developed by Indeed Identity. 

Since 1996, Real Security has been offering Adriatic companies

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