Axidian introduces Axidian CertiFlow version 7.0.

With the latest update, Axidian CertiFlow version 7.0. has improved the policy assignment workflow, implemented a service for internal electronic document management, enhanced card management capabilities with Axidian Agent, and more.

See what’s new in Axidian CertiFlow version 7.0.

Internal document management

Axidian CertiFlow is now powered by an internal document management service. It allows to administer the

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Axidian Privilege 2.10. is now available:

Now in addition to Active Directory and FreeIPA, Axidian Privilege supports OpenLDAP and ALD PRO directory services. Another important update introduces Ad hoc resources, which allow you to connect to any resources without having to add them to PAM in advance. Also, in version 2.10 you can connect PAM to SIEM systems natively.

To learn about all the new features implemented in Axidian Privilege 2.10, read this article.

OpenLDAP and ALD
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Axidian introduces Axidian Privilege 2.9.

Now you can select FreeIPA directory service as a user directory. This means that now Axidian Privilege can be installed not only on Windows, but also on any Linux distribution with Docker support.

Axidian introduced a new component RDP Proxy, which is based on freely distributed software. This component allows administrators to control connections to protected resources via the RDP protocol.

User groups feature is upgraded. Earlier you

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Axidian Privilege 2.8: Simplifying Resource Management and Access Control
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 28 June 2023 03:52 PM

Axidian presents a new version of Axidian Privilege, Axidian Privilege 2.8.

Migration to .NET 6

Axidian Privilege 2.8 is now powered by .NET 6, the latest version of Microsoft’s software development platform. This upgrade has enhanced the platform’s productivity and efficiency, providing users with a superior experience through state-of-the-art features and tools. 

User authentication support with RADIUS

Axidian Privilege 2.8 supports user authentication with RADIUS. You can

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Indeed Identity presents a new version of Indeed Privileged Access Manager, Indeed PAM 2.7. The new release features multiple innovations. For example, it can be partially installed on Linux and supports application-to-application password management. We have also added a few more supported functions and protocols and enhanced user and administrator interfaces for optimal user-friendliness.

Using Linux-based systems for Indeed PAM control server

Version 2.7 enables you to install

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We are happy to announce the new version of Indeed PAM, a software suite for managing privileged accounts. Version 2.1 introduces PostgreSQL storage support, import of resources from Active Directory and new functionality to manage permissions and user sessions. Please read on to learn more about these and other new features.

PostgreSQL support

In previous versions of Indeed PAM, only Microsoft SQL Server and its free version Microsoft SQL Express were used to manage

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Another step to safety and usability – release 6.3 of Indeed AM
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 09 February 2018 11:46 AM

 Indeed AM Enterprise SSO

  • Indeed AM ESSO now supports Google Chrome.
  • Support of new technology in Indeed AM ESSO extension for Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Registration of a web-plugin to Internet Explorer browser in the function of a trusted BHO (Browser Helper Objects).

Indeed Access Manager

  • Ability to switch user’s session without its forcible logout when changing a smart card in the reader

Both in Indeed AM ESSO and Indeed AM Windows Logon it became possible to choose a smart

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