In a recent conversation with BThaber, Konstantin Krasovsky, EU Director at Axidian, discussed the company’s plans for the EU region for 2023. Now that the first quarter of the year is over and the busiest season is approaching, we want to share the highlights of this interview. Konstantin talked about the company’s approach to product development and how it responds to ever-changing IT security risks. In addition, he shed light on the competencies of Axidian, which distinguish it in the IT security industry. Read on to learn more about the company’s vision and what sets it apart from the competitors.

– How are security risks diversified and with what priorities?

In today’s world of digital transformation, remote workplaces and the methods of accessing data and infrastructures within organizations are extremely diversified and constantly evolving. This generates new risks related to user access rights and puts them squarely in the middle of a company’s efforts to protect their critical resources. As a vendor that provides authentication and comprehensive access management, privileged access management (PAM) and PKI management solutions we can confidently state that at the moment the risks associated with employee’s access to corporate resources and those associated with access for privileged users are in the focus of attention of  IT security departments. I personally see privileged account protection and control as a priority, as evidenced by studies that tell us that 61% of surveyed data leaks involved privileged credentials. However, access control and authentication of ordinary users should not go by the wayside as it is the foundation of sustainable IT security.

– How is Axidian responding to this evolution in risk with both new security solutions and consulting competency? Could you tell us about your R&D studies?

Risk evolution is a real challenge and it is our priority to make sure we can provide our customers with modern and efficient approaches. Therefore, we dedicate our resources and budgets to learning and getting a better understanding of the vision and demands of our current and potential customers. We are paying close attention to our competitors and their competence, and we strive to deliver the best practices to the end users. Besides implementation of trending features, our team believes that it is  impossible to underestimate the importance of continually testing our products and comparing the results with the demands of the ever changing market. Although cyber challenges continue evolving, our team is continually growing to make sure our solutions efficiently evolve as well to stay ahead of ever-changing threats.

– What are the features and competencies of Axidian that make it different in the IT security industry?

I would say that Axidian is like a never stopping engine. We gain knowledge and experience, learn about new practices day by day to accomplish our goals and improve our solutions, to become a top player on the market. We are younger than our key competitors, but we already have a great expertise. Our products are easy to implement with the up-to-date UX, we are very committed to all our clients and provide them with extremely cost-effective pricing models, moreover we are more flexible than most vendors on the market and are eager to enhance Axidian solutions benefits. Our team is always ready to provide the highest level of support.

– How are corporate priorities developing in security solutions? Which solutions are companies interested in, especially managed security services?

I believe corporations are finally learning to see security solutions more as an investment in their future and as a potential development driver, and not as an expense anymore. More and more companies understand that it’s hard to underestimate the consequences of leakages or misuse cases. In 2023 I think every top manager already understands that when data leakages happen companies now lose so much more than just their public image that includes money, high-level staff and they may even have to shut down. Therefore they tend to pay closer attention to implementation of the solutions like privileged access management (PAM) and authentication and comprehensive access management to reduce the risks and protect the future of their organizations.

– Could you tell us about Axidian’s targets and strategy for 2023? Is it on your agenda to increase global spread by opening new offices?

Axidian team is very ambitious and we have great plans for 2023. We already have many ongoing projects and are constantly increasing our presence in the EU region and planning to enter many new interesting and, some might say, challenging projects this year. We are working on several new projects in North African countries as well and strengthening our team. We are looking forward to new opportunities that 2023 is bringing to us to fulfill Axidian’s potential.

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