Indeed AM 8.1.5: Superior Performance for Advanced Employee Access Management
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 10 January 2023 12:26 PM

Indeed Access Manager (Indeed AM) is our flagship product, and we are committed to constantly improving it to meet customer expectations and market requirements. With that in mind, the updated Indeed AM release allows users to address new issues. In addition, the product has become more efficient and more user-friendly.

New supported authentication protocol – OpenID Connect 1.0

As OpenID Connect 1.0 (OIDC) continues to gain popularity, more application systems are supporting it, and now so does Indeed Access Manager. With this new feature, you can set up out-of-the-box Indeed AM integration with even more applications and enable multifactor authentication for any modern web-based system. OIDC support is incorporated in the integration module – Indeed AM Identity Provider – that already supports the SAML protocol (this module was formerly known as Indeed AM SAML IDP). This means that users can now access both SAML and OIDC applications from the same authentication page.

Password access to the User Console

To enable mandatory two-factor authentication in Identity Provider, you no longer need to wait for all users to register their authenticators. If a user has not yet added any authenticators, they can still log in to the User Console using their password. And once they register their first authenticator, two-factor authentication becomes mandatory.

Indeed AM IDP on ASP.NET Core

The Identity Provider integration module now runs on the cross-platform ASP.NET Core framework. At first glance, this change may seem purely technical and unrelated to user experience. Yet, this is a part of a larger effort to launch Indeed AM on the Linux platform. To achieve this, all the Indeed AM server modules will soon be ported to ASP.NET Core.

More user-friendly Indeed Key registration

In the new version, the Indeed Key authenticator added during registration will be saved until the user makes a comment. This means that your authenticator will not be lost if you accidentally close the User Console page too early.

This release includes a range of advanced features, to get the new version of Indeed AM, please contact our support team.

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