Axidian at IDC Roadshow – Keep Privileged Access on the Radar
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 04 April 2023 12:16 PM

Last week the IDC Roadshow took place in Turkey, and it was a great opportunity for businesses and technology enthusiasts in the region to gain insight into the latest trends in the industry. The event brought together industry leaders, IT professionals, and vendors to discuss the latest innovations in the world of technology and how they are shaping the future.

The IDC Roadshow is a series of conferences held across various regions to provide IT professionals and business leaders with the latest insights and trends in the industry. The event was held in Istanbul, the country’s largest city, and attracted a large number of participants. The event was carefully planned and covered a wide range of most interesting topics. Experts from various industries shared their insights and experiences.

One of the key themes of the event was the importance of digital transformation in today’s business world. The IDC Roadshow emphasized the gravity of embracing it as a way to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Another important topic discussed at the event was the priority of cybersecurity. As more and more businesses rely on digital solutions, the risk of cyberattacks has increased. The speakers at the event stressed the value of implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect businesses from cyber threats. 

Together with our partners vMind we joined as a gold sponsor and presented easy to deploy and affordable solutions for authentication and comprehensive access management, privileged access management (PAM) and PKI management. As one of the presenters Mehmet Ali Küçüktaş, Deputy General Manager of Sales at vMind, talked about why companies should keep privileged access on the radar, what critical role it plays in protecting sensitive information, meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining a good reputation, also he shared some tips on how efficient PAM solution can speed up ROI.

Overall, the IDC Roadshow in Turkey was a great success. It provided participants with valuable insights into the latest trends in the industry and the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition. The event also provided an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration between industry leaders and IT professionals.

Let’s keep the conversation going, join our webinar on 13th of April where experts from vMind and Axidian will dive deeper into the topic of IT security ROI, resilience of IT infrastructure and will help you with your cybersecurity concerns.

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