Axidian Privilege 2.8: Simplifying Resource Management and Access Control
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 28 June 2023 03:52 PM

Axidian presents a new version of Axidian Privilege, Axidian Privilege 2.8.

Migration to .NET 6

Axidian Privilege 2.8 is now powered by .NET 6, the latest version of Microsoft’s software development platform. This upgrade has enhanced the platform’s productivity and efficiency, providing users with a superior experience through state-of-the-art features and tools. 

User authentication support with RADIUS

Axidian Privilege 2.8 supports user authentication with RADIUS. You can now complete integration with Axidian Access and utilize a variety of multi-factor authentication scenarios including email, push notifications, SMS, OTP, and Telegram.

Alpha version of RDP proxy for Linux

The alpha version of the RDP proxy developed by Indeed is now available for demo. 
You can explore the following demo scenarios on the vendor’s platform from a Linux server:

  • Opening sessions with or without 2FA
  • Opening sessions with or without PAM administrator’s request
  • Viewing an active session by PAM administrator
  • Terminating a session by PAM administrator
  • Recording videos of sessions

SFTP/SCP support and data direction control

With Axidian Privilege 2.8, users can connect to target resources using SFTP/SCP protocols. In this case, the Axidian Privilege administrator can access all data files transferred during the session. The new version offers additional security functions which enable users to allow data transfer in one direction only, preventing any potential data leaks. 

Port forwarding in SSH proxy

You can now use an SSH proxy to forward ports from a target resource to a local host. This enables target administrators to execute their traditional resource management scenarios using their preferred tools.

Resource groups without user accounts

Now, you have the option to create resource groups without linking them to specific privileged accounts, which makes the system more user-friendly for Axidian Privilege 2.8 administrators. The new function provides more flexibility for customizing access to target resources within a group since each user will only be linked to the group when the relevant permission is granted. This enables different users to open sessions from different accounts on the same resources belonging to the same group.

User groups

With Axidian Privilege 2.8, you can group users together, facilitating fast and flexible access to resources based on group membership. Administrators can now issue permissions to access target resources faster and more efficiently.

Management of privileged accounts by information system (IS) owners

IS owners can now independently add passwords to privileged accounts in the Axidian Privilege user console. This feature eliminates the need to transfer account passwords to Axidian Privilege administrators. 

Personal resource folders for UC users

Axidian Privilege 2.8 users can now create folders in the user console and add available connections. The new version makes grouping and sorting resources based on individual preferences quite simple.

Filtering the session archive by user group

We have added a new feature that allows you to filter sessions in the archive by user group.

Sorting policies by type 

You can sort the list of policies by object type in the control panel. 

Migration from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

We have developed a tool that allows you to migrate Axidian Privilege databases from MSSQL to PostgreSQL. This upgrade aligns with the import substitution trend and is available in the certified version of Axidian Privilege.

Experience the power of Axidian Privilege 2.8 firsthand! Request a demo today and discover how our advanced features and enhanced security measures can revolutionize your privileged access management. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your access control and streamline your resource management – click below to schedule your personalized demo.

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