We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with AZCOM IT Distribution, a value added distributor of technology solutions in the Gulf Countries. Through this collaboration, we aim to deliver robust authentication, comprehensive access management, Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management solutions developed to meet the unique requirements of organizations in the region.

AZCOM IT Distribution is a trusted distributor of cutting-edge technology solutions across the Gulf Countries. Our strategic alliance combines Axidian’s expertise in identity and access management with AZCOM IT Distribution’s extensive market reach and exceptional customer service. Together, we aim to address the growing demand for reliable and advanced IT security solutions in the Gulf Countries.

Our partnership with AZCOM IT Distribution brings significant benefits to organizations in the Gulf Countries:

Enhanced Security: Organizations can strengthen their security posture with our advanced authentication and access management solutions, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Improved Compliance: By implementing robust access controls and privileged account management, organizations can achieve compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards such as PCI, SWIFT, GDPR, HIPAA and local regulations.

Streamlined Operations: Centralized access management and automated provisioning streamline user onboarding and offboarding processes, reducing administrative overhead and improving operational efficiency.

Personalized Support: AZCOM IT Distribution’s commitment as well as the dedication of Axidian’s support team to exceptional customer service ensures that organizations receive personalized attention and support, guaranteeing their technology needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Our partnership with AZCOM IT Distribution signifies an important step towards delivering advanced authentication, comprehensive access management, PAM, and PKI management solutions to organizations in the Gulf Countries region. By leveraging both Axidian and AZCOM IT Distribution teams’ proficiency, organizations can enhance their security posture, streamline processes, and achieve greater efficiency. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring that organizations receive tailored solutions and exceptional support to address their unique technology requirements.

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