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A system identifier is required to generate licenses. This is a unique value formed depending on the location of Indeed CM user directories. Licenses are subdivided into two types:

  1. Temporary - these are issued for pilot implementation and product testing by customer. Such licenses are limited by three month validity period.
  2. Constant - these are issued upon purchase of Indeed CM and/or AirKey Enterprise. This license type is not limited in time.

Regardless of the type, licenses are issued for a certain number of users. If your organisation has, say, 100 licenses for Indeed CM or AirKey Enterprise, this means that one license is used for assignment of a device to a user. If the issued device is unassigned from user, the license becomes free again and can be used for other users.

Note: A single user can have several devices assigned. If a user has two or more devices assigned, only one license is used altogether.

Obtaining a license

To get a license, you have to know the System identifier.

To find it, open ICM web application in Internet Explorer browser. 

Switch to Configuration tab and open Licenses item.

Copy the System identifier and send it to the manager assigned to your organization or to support service at:

Important: The system identifier depends on the user directory location in Active Directory directly. If you moved a container to another location, its distinguishedName changes and all your licenses become invalid. To solve this problem, you would have to address to Indeed-ID technical support.

License installation

Add license files to the system. To do so, switch to Configuration tab of ICM web application, select Licenses item and click Add license button.

Click  and select the license file, then click Add button.