Knowledgebase : Axidian Privilege

This setting will allow you to automatically download and enable the Indeed ID ESSO extension in PAM user profiles on the Access servers. The extension is necessary to automatically fill in the privileged account's credentials in the authentication forms of web resources.

To configure the offline extension in the Google Chrome browser, you will need:

  • Indeed-Id SSO extension for Google Chrome, .reg files for making changes to the registry, file update.xml (available by the link);
  • Google Chrome Enterprise (available on the official website).

The steps:

  1. Install Google Chrome Enterprise on the PAM Access servers.
  2. Create a directory, on the PAM management server and make it shared (here the directory name "ESSO" is used). PAM users must have read permissions in this directory.
  3. Place the icpjelgegalmjjkfoilkbeeodgfbcaam.crc extension and the file update.xml in the shared directory
  4. Edit the file update.xml, you must specify the network path to the extension in the line #4.
    Example: file://server/ESSO/icpjelgegalmjjkfoilkbeeodgfbcaam.crx
  5. Place .reg files on the Access servers.
  6. Edit the file ExtensionSettings_X64.reg, you need to specify the network path to the file update.xml in the line #7
    Example: file://server/ESSO/update.xml
    you must specify the network path to the directory where the extension is located in the Line #10
    Example: file://server/ESSO/*
  7. Edit the ExtensionSettings_X86.reg file just as in step #6
  8. Run the .reg files on the Access servers to make changes to the system.
  9. Launch Google Chrome on the Access server, the Indeed-Id ESSO extension should load in a few seconds.