"Smart card resource manager is not running" error occurs on any action with connected smart card
Posted by Nikolay Lazitskiy, Last modified by Mikhail Yakovlev on 22 February 2019 04:31 PM

The following error message appears on any action with connected smart card:

Solution 1:
Make sure that the workstation the card being added is connected to has the Smart card service installed and running. 

To view Smart card service status in OS with interface in English, proceed as follows (local administrator privileges are required):
Open Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services menu and find Smart Card service:

Solution 2:
Make sure that the Indeed CM server address is added to Local Intranet zone of browser of the workstation the smart card is connected to:
Internet options - Security - Local intranet - Sites.
Add the following nodes to the zone if required: https://"CM server DNS name" and wss://localhost/

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